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Specifications for our General PurposeTrailers

Graham Edwards General Purpose are built up to our exacting standards - not down to a cost. Toughness and durability are of paramount importance and our general purpose trailers are built for work and must be cost effective over their operational lifetime. In addition, these trailers are designed to accept various extra equipment even after sale.

All our general purpose trailers have the following features:

Protective light boxes

Thermoplastic mudwings

Spare wheel storage

Rigid steel welded framework construction hot dip galvanised after fabrication

Fitting points for all optional kits built into each trailer

Rubber torsion bar suspension for smooth maintenance-free ride

Lockable coupling head

Heavy duty jockey wheel

Override braking systems to full EEC specifications

Fully approved lighting systems with double seal loom connections

There is no compromise in the specifications of our General Purpose trailer - like all our trailers it is built up to a standard not down to a price. Add to this one or more optional extras and you have a robust and reliable workhorse!
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