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Introduction to our Agricultural Livestock Trailers

Graham Edwards agricultural and livestock trailers for the farming industryGraham Edwards Trailers specialises in products for the livestock industry. We have many years experience in developing trailers that are convenient, can be worked hard and will last many years. For moving cattle, sheep, pigs or any other type of livestock, we have a trailer to suit your needs.

Choose from Fixed Formation or Demount Trailers with gross weights up to 3,500Kgs or for larger livestock numbers use our Tractor Drawn Trailers that can be built to your requirements.

See the YouTube video of the Edwards Trailers Folding Deck

see our PDF document on choosing a livestock trailer


See our Livestock Trailer Guide - our range of livestock trailers and options described in detail. This is a PDF (Acrobat Reader) document.

Sheep and Pig Trailers

Livestock containers: for sheep and pigsWe have recently added these new small livestock trailers to our extensive product line. Shown here is the new GP64 S livestock trailer, ideal for transporting sheep, pigs and small livestock.

This cost effective little livestock trailer in available in 6 foot and 7 foot versions and features an alloy floor and loading gates.

If you move livestock regularly, this is a very handy trailer to have around. See our Livestock pricing page for full details.

Fixed Formation Trailers

Click to see fixed formation livestock trailer pricingFixed Formation Trailers have wheels at the side of the container. This lowers the centre of gravity and loading height.

Main Advantages:

Main Disadvantages:

Demount Livestock Trailers

Click to see demount livestock trailer pricesDemount Trailers have the wheels underneath the container so that the body is separate from the chassis.

Main Advantages:

Main Disadvantages:

Tractor Drawn Livestock Containers

>Click to see truck mounted live stock trailer pricesFor those with larger numbers of animals to move about, tractor drawn livestock containers may be the solution. At Graham Edwards Trailers we manufacture the sides in 8 feet sections enabling us to produce any length requirement quickly. We can also supply a complete container and new tractor drawn flatbed package in association with Wolds Trailers (

A testimonial: "I had a loan of my friends twin axle sheep trailer he bought from you a few years ago. I was really impressed with how it handled on the road and wondered if you could give me a price for one! Please? Collection is not a problem, thank you". Scott
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