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special offer on livestock trailer

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The Ultimate Cattle Trailer

This cattle trailer is as wide as our demount range but with the stability of the wheels at the side.


The Ultimate Cattle Trailer comes with:

  • LED Lights
  • Data tag
  • Spare wheel
  • Electronic tag
  • Bradley Coupling
  • Fully welded tray-shaped alloy floor
  • Slam shut cattle gate
  • No middle vents
  • Drop down front vents
  • Hook fastener
  • No middle vents - aids washing out
  • Landrover 10 ply wheels
Cattle Trailer with LED lights   Animal Trailer featuring a Bradley Coupling   Sheep Transporter with Drop-down front vent
LED Lights   Bradley Coupling   Drop down front vent
The Ultimate Cattle Trailer   Livestock Transporter featuring an Electronic tag
  Electronic tag
  Hook Fastener to secure animals when transported
6ft 3" wide inside   New improved axles Landrover 10 ply wheels   Hook fastener
Pig Transporter with Spare wheel   Slam Shut Cattle Gate on Cattle Transporter   Cattle transporter with fully welded tray-shaped alloy floor
Spare wheel
3 mm hardened alloy
  Slam shut cattle gate   Fully welded tray-shaped
alloy floor
The ultimate Cattle Trailer has all the features you'd expect from Graham Edwards Trailers. We also supply other trailers including tipping trailers, flat bed trailers and general purpose trailers.
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