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Agricultural and Livestock Trailers: Optional Extras

We are able to supply optional extras and trailer parts for our agriculural and livestock trailers. We also provide a trailer servicing and repair service and some of these optional extras and spares can be purchased on-line.

Download a PDF copy of ourLivestock Trailer price list

Part Description Price Image

Data Tag

Protect your livestocktrailer from theft

£80+vat trailer protected with datatag
Demount Kit

Kit consists of one screw jack and four adjustable legs

Positive easy and quick one man operation

£160+vat trailer jack off kit (jackoff kit)
7ft Headroom   £250+vat  
Cattle Partition   £230+vat  
Horse Partition   £350+vat  
Deck Partitions Pair £250+vat  
Cattle gates Features:
  • Clad with 1mm galvanised steel sheet
  • Easily moved into different positions
  • Slam lock no spring loaded bolts
  • Can be opened easily from outside the trailer
£230+vat trailer cattle gates

Our live stock trailer deck system is unique:

  • Designed to fold away to the front of the trailer
  • Stores in its own pod built onto the front of the trailer
  • Can be brought from the storage position to ready for loading in about 30 seconds
  • Can be stowed away again and the trailer ready for loading cattle in less than a minute
  • Stowed away with help of winch on front of trailer
  • Can be used for mixed loads 1/3rd sheep decks 2/3rds cattle area, or 2/3rds sheep decks 1/3rd cattle area
  • The deck is always with the trailer and ready for use


livestock trailer deck
Deck Gates

Made using the same, durable alloy profile bars, as the loading gates:

  • Easily moved along trailer
  • Slam lock no spring loaded bolts
  • Can be opened from outside the trailer
  • Can be locked together and used for cattle


trailer deck gates
Spare Wheel

Spare Wheel and Tyre
650 x 16

spare wheel for agricultural and livestock trailers
Sign Writing

Personalise your equipment

Nose Cone   £180+vat  
L.E.D. Lights 12 volts £160+vat  
Front Vent   £180+vat  
Urine Tanks   £200+vat  
Coupling Security Lock   £100+vat  
Internal Light   £50+vat  
Mainland Delivery   £145+vat  
These extra features and spare parts will add security and function to your agricultural and livestock trailer and may be purchased when you buy your trailer or at any time after that. Also note that Grahem Edwards Trailers undertake trailer servicing and repairs.
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